Cisco BWX 8300 Series Broadband Wireless WI Access System WIMAX Sama dengan Navini networks product Wimax

Produk Cisco Broadband Wireless WI Access System yang merupakan portofolio produk dari Navini Networks.

Setelah diakuisisi oleh Cisco System kelihatan bahwa produk ini baik semua logo dan supportnya sudah merupakan bagian dari Cisco System yang dulunya merupakan produk andalan dari Navini Networks.

Cisco Wimax

Cisco Wimax

Sama Persis dengan Produk yang sebelumnya di launching oleh Navini Networks .

Navini Networks CPE RIPWave MX Cpe :

Features and Benefits

The Cisco BWX 8300 Series Broadband Wireless Access System offers service providers the following benefits:

• Standards-compliant Mobile WiMAX performance

• Adaptive beamforming with multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) service to increase coverage and capacity (planned future software release)

• Decreased capital expenditures and operating expenses due to reduced number of cell sites and basestations

• Excellent spectral efficiency, throughput, and indoor coverage for increased customer satisfaction

• Comprehensive integration with the Cisco Service Exchange Framework, enabling the full range of subscriber management and service control

• A licensed Mobile WiMAX radio access component of the Cisco Broadband Wireless network architecture for a tested, integrated end-to-end system

Figure 1. Cisco BWX 8305 Broadband Wireless Access System

Cisco Wimax Features

Cisco Wimax Features


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